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Most common dental diseases are preventable. With the help of prevention-focused family dentistry, Segal Dental makes it our mission to help patients like you to enjoy healthy teeth that last an entire lifetime.


Healthy Smiles for a Better Lifestyle

A healthier smile isn’t just important to your self-confidence and ability to enjoy a balanced diet, it can also impact your overall health. Common oral conditions such as periodontitis (gum disease) can actually increase your risk of major health problems like diabetes, stroke, pneumonia, heart attack, and premature birth.


By eliminating the bacterial deposits just below your gumlines through regular dental cleanings and good home care, you can boost your immune system and better manage underlying health problems. Daily flossing, brushing gently along the gumlines, and routine professional dental visits are the key!

Schedule a Check-up Every Six Months

We recommend a preventive dental appointment twice a year for our patients with healthy teeth and gums. Those that have been diagnosed with gum disease are seen as often as every 3 months.

"I love Doctor Segal - I broke a tooth and needed a root canal. I was referred to him by a close friend and i am so happy. He took the time to totally explain the procedure and got me in within a couple of days for the root canal. I hardly felt any pain. I am so excited I found this dentist!" - Brian Thomas

Dentistry That Gives You A Reason To Smile. Call Us Now!

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We encourage families to bring their children at a young age to ensure better dental health as they grow, while minimizing the chance of dental anxiety/phobia later on.


At Segal Dental every patient receives a head and neck exam and oral survey. A thorough examination will diagnose dental problems while they’re still reversible, or intercept them when they’re easier (and more affordable) to treat. 


Our flexible scheduling options makes it convenient to fit your visit around work, school, or that next trip out of town.

Co-Planning Your Care

Thanks to digital image technology, we can capture low-radiation X-rays and imagery that allows you to visualize your oral health conditions alongside of Dr. Segal during your exam. Together, we’ll plan the best path to keeping your teeth and gums strong for years to come.


At Segal Dental, you’re a vital part of planning your own treatment! But it all starts with a prevention-focused approach.


What goal do you have for the future of your smile?

Segal Dental prides itself if delivering personalized concierge services so our patients are always welcomed to a relaxed, stress-free environment with absolutely no waiting times.

Dental Exams

During your first appointment at Segal Dental we will perform a baseline screening of your teeth and gums and monitor any changes or developments in your dental health at recurrent checkups.


Some of the conditions and habits that we will be assessing, include:


  • Integrity of existing dental work

  • Biting patterns and tooth wear

  • Missing teeth

  • Bone height and density

  • Gum attachment levels around the teeth

  • Inflammation and bacterial levels

  • Screening for oral cancer/pathology

  • Aesthetic concerns

  • Tooth decay or enamel demineralization

  • Preventative strategies

  • Nutrition and oral hygiene


Be sure to let Dr. Segal know of any recent health changes (including medications that you may be taking) as certain medical conditions can impact the health of your mouth. Through a holistic approach to care, we can minimize any potential side-effects of medication or risk factors that may be involved.


Oral cancer screenings are also an important part of every patient exam. Even if you do not have the normal risk factors of tobacco and alcohol use, it’s important to understand that cancer can also be caused by things like certain viruses (like HPV) and sun exposure. Early diagnosis is the key to successful and effective treatment! An oral cancer screening could save your life.

Dentistry That Gives You A Reason To Smile. Call Us Now!

(305) 932-1031


Teeth Cleaning

Great oral hygiene (including daily flossing) is key to minimizing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. But even great home care can leave some plaque biofilm behind. After about 24-hours, that soft plaque can calcify into hard “tartar” (calculus) that isn’t possible to lift away with a toothbrush or floss.


When you schedule a preventive cleaning every six months, we lift away calcified tartar deposits across your teeth, between them, and just under the gum lines.


Our Registered Dental Hygienists use special technology to gently clean away tartar and polish surface stains, leaving your smile fresher, brighter, and easier to maintain until your next dental checkup.


Dentistry That Gives You A Reason To Smile. Call Us Now!

(305) 932-1031

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Also known as periodontal scaling and root planning. If your teeth are not professionally cleaned you may progress into a more severe form of gum disease known as periodontists. This inflammatory response causes symptoms like:


  • Bleeding, swollen gums

  • Bad breath

  • Gum recession (“long teeth”)

  • Heavy tartar buildup and stain

  • Tooth mobility and loss


Advanced gum infections call for a more proactive and therapeutic measure. Deep cleanings allow us to remove the bacteria below the gum lines that are causing the tissue detachment and tooth mobility. The aim is to prevent tooth loss and improve our patients’ overall health.


Untreated periodontal disease is a serious risk factor to your overall health. Unfortunately, habits such as smoking or smokeless tobacco use can cover the symptoms. We recommend having a periodontal screening/exam at least 1-2 times per year to pinpoint signs of gum and bone loss before they become severe. We perform these exams at every visit


During a periodontal scaling and root planing visit, we may anesthetize (numb) the area being cleaned to minimize any discomfort and ensure thorough results.


We recommend that our periodontal patients return for maintenance cleanings at least every 3-4 months to minimize the risk of relapse and ensure a proper recovery.

Dentistry That Gives You A Reason To Smile. Call Us Now!

(305) 932-1031


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